субота, 25. фебруар 2017.

Baby come back

This one is of you because you were always there..

We all do that, don't we? Staring at the things and photos that take us back. Returning in our minds to places that are familiar, and safe - staring at the past. We all sometimes cling to the past, but, we cannot, it is gone.

We change and we will always be changing, but our core will not - what defines us will stay the same. And people we care about will change - but important thing is, no matter how different life gets, how much it changes, to always take people we care about with us. It is easy in life to part ways, and always easier to distroys something than to build; it is always harder to get attached to someone than to distroy that connection - so you keep those people around.

Yes, we all need to have them in life. And they need us. Make us happy. Happier than we ever thought we could be. Make us dance under the shower for a days. Make us safe. Make us feel that we can talk whenever we have a need to talk about every little thing we want.

Be happy to have someone who guids you.  To halp you achieve your dreams.
So don't let things stay unfinished, always say baby don't go and try as hard as you can.

Yes, you are special if you got someone to lean on to. If you don't ... go get him!

среда, 15. фебруар 2017.


Everyone has a list of what he wants to do in his life; what are the goals he pursues, what he dreams of.

Growing up, we add lots of our dreams to our wish list. We always strive to complite them, to achieve them, to make list shorter. Sometimes we do that, sometimes we don't; we can't.

You can move on, you can move past them, but they will always be there. Unfinished. It is always hard to let it go.

Is there bigger prison than the words? Is there a bigger prison than our thoughts?  Or our feelings?

What we don't finish, hunts us. Imprisons us.

Ant it will always be there. Until you finish them. Go, finish what you once started.

недеља, 12. фебруар 2017.

The First Time of Your Life

There is nothing in this world  that can be compared to a first time you kiss a girl. The moment your heart shakes, that feeling that streams through your lungs and stomach. That moment when you have guts to move, take a first step, gently put your fingers on her cheak, lean on, close your eyes and hope she does the same. Those moments when you prepare for a kiss, and the moment your lips touch, that is what you desire to experience over and over again.

There is not a feeling in this world like first time you hold her hand. The moment your fingers touch, your heart stops. You take her for a walk, she grabs you around your hand with both of her hands, and you go.

There is not such a thing in this world as the first time you hug her. When you sense her smell, the smell of her hair. The warmth of her shoulder and her breath on yours. She caresses your back gentely as you  put your hands around her.

No thing can compare to a first night you spend together. When you see her in her pajamas for the first time, you hug her, kiss a long goodnight to her and hold her the whole night as you feel the safest you ever felt. And you make her safe.

And always remember the first time you tell her that you love her.

It takes guts to approach a girl. You take everything you've got, walk over to her and talk. Nothing is like the time you meet her.

You feel such a things in your heart, soul, hands, stomach, hands...

Life is always full of firsts. Full of beginings. Don't miss out on them. 

петак, 23. децембар 2016.

It is OK

It is OK to break the rules. To break boundries. To rebel, to disobey.

It is  OK to be hurt, to feel alone. To stay home instead of going out at weekends. To be broken. It is OK to tell the painful truth - everyone begs you to tell them the truth and yet, nobody likes what they hear.

It is OK to be different. Not in a way people are different just to be different, but in a way of not letting circumstances and people change you. And it is just as equally OK to be just the same. It is OK to be happy, or less happy at the times. To work hard or be lazy. It is OK to go against other's will. It is OK to listen to people, and also to be heard. It is just fine to apologize. It is OK to change or stay the same.

It is OK to be weak and vulnerable and let the others  help you. And to be strong, to help people, to give everything you have. It is OK to fail and to be successful.

It is not always black and white, and it is OK to know that. To be in a moral grey area not by your fault if you are willing to escape. Because it happens no matter what we believe in. We get in such situations.

It is OK to seek connection. Love. Certainty. To try to grow. To contribute. It is OK to know and not know. It OK to hug, to love.  It is OK to be scared.

It is all OK, as long as you stay true to yourself.

Because that is what life is. It is jurney of ups and downs and in that travel it is  only important to be good at things that count.

уторак, 22. новембар 2016.

Baby don't go

There are so many  variables in our lives, so many thing we change  - place we live, school we go to, faculty we attend. That surely makes us change environement of people around us. How do you prevent life from taking away dear people from you? What kind of strenght does it take to have friends, real friends in other cities, that are far away? When you have friends in other cities, distance between those cities is not mesured by kilometres but by the time you don't get to see each other.

When you are true friend with someone, distance does not matter, time does not matter - every time you meet you friend, you pick up where you left. But, what about people you meet, you start to like and then be seperated from? It is simple to forget, easy to move on - but hard way is better way.

It is very easy in life to part ways with people. So, when you meet someone you want to keep around, you do something about it. Hold on to people that make you happy, who know your flaws and not only tolerate them but kinda like them. Keep them close, as long as you can. Make them stay longer, make them stay forever. And if you can't, well, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the ride.