петак, 23. децембар 2016.

It is OK

It is OK to break the rules. To break boundries. To rebel, to disobey.

It is  OK to be hurt, to feel alone. To stay home instead of going out at weekends. To be broken. It is OK to tell the painful truth - everyone begs you to tell them the truth and yet, nobody likes what they hear.

It is OK to be different. Not in a way people are different just to be different, but in a way of not letting circumstances and people change you. And it is just as equally OK to be just the same. It is OK to be happy, or less happy at the times. To work hard or be lazy. It is OK to go against other's will. It is OK to listen to people, and also to be heard. It is just fine to apologize. It is OK to change or stay the same.

It is OK to be weak and vulnerable and let the others  help you. And to be strong, to help people, to give everything you have. It is OK to fail and to be successful.

It is not always black and white, and it is OK to know that. To be in a moral grey area not by your fault if you are willing to escape. Because it happens no matter what we believe in. We get in such situations.

It is OK to seek connection. Love. Certainty. To try to grow. To contribute. It is OK to know and not know. It OK to hug, to love.  It is OK to be scared.

It is all OK, as long as you stay true to yourself.

Because that is what life is. It is jurney of ups and downs and in that travel it is  only important to be good at things that count.

уторак, 22. новембар 2016.

Baby don't go

There are so many  variables in our lives, so many thing we change  - place we live, school we go to, faculty we attend. That surely makes us change environement of people around us. How do you prevent life from taking away dear people from you? What kind of strenght does it take to have friends, real friends in other cities, that are far away? When you have friends in other cities, distance between those cities is not mesured by kilometres but by the time you don't get to see each other.

When you are true friend with someone, distance does not matter, time does not matter - every time you meet you friend, you pick up where you left. But, what about people you meet, you start to like and then be seperated from? It is simple to forget, easy to move on - but hard way is better way.

It is very easy in life to part ways with people. So, when you meet someone you want to keep around, you do something about it. Hold on to people that make you happy, who know your flaws and not only tolerate them but kinda like them. Keep them close, as long as you can. Make them stay longer, make them stay forever. And if you can't, well, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the ride.

петак, 02. септембар 2016.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough

Sometimes I feel like I am stuck with the same, boring and stupid people, who limit me, stopping me from doing things I like, telling me stuff I do not actually care about. They are smothering me.

I am saying goodbye to those people. I am  saying goodbye to every time it was painful, when it was no instead of a yes, goodbye to a wrong places. I want to travel, meet those who have the same points of view as me, same interests. When I get up in the morning, I tell myself that I can do a lot and I will do it, I will be free of pointless conversations that waste my time. I would rather stand alone in silence and think than exchange one word to those that bother me.

When you meet the right people, those who are wrong show themselves quickly

With so many way I want to improve, no, I need to improve, to work on my personal development, I will just skip pointless.

Yes, for the last time, I  want to feel lost and never feel it again. Too many times I felt like I did not matter, too many put downs that I heard, no, not anymore, Yes, someone will hurt me, but I won't let that stop me from having empowering believes.

That is the only way my heart will skip a beat, my ears will hear that one different voice, my eyes will see beauty and my soul will catch that moment. The only way I will have them to share moments with and not waste them on someone who is not worth it.

Because, you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

недеља, 14. август 2016.

They all laughed, and now, they all have regrets

I made lots of promises to myself when I was a kid, but here is one of the biggest:

I will rather regret doing and ruining something than regret not trying it.

So, whenever I have dilemma about whether I should or should not do something, I do it! If it turns out that I made good choice, I am happy and have a good story to tell. If not, I have a good story to tell and I am happy that I will not spend the rest of my life asking myself how it would be If I chose differently. Life is simply to sh .. oh, this is such a cliche, just do it already! 

It is not entirely possible to have 0 regrets, but I am trying really hard to decrease number of regrets every day. For example, when I notice someone who would like to get into a conflict with me, I think in the way that I may not see him after that and that I would be sorry for being to hard on him, for being impolite, that cause of our argument will not matter one day. So I just skip that fight and go out for a walk, meet my friends who cheer me up and save my energy for something else.

And, whenever I try to be mean, those words come to my mind:

I just don't want to lose faith in me that I can see in other people's eyes...

What regrets do I have now?

I was telling some guys this resolution I made and they laughed. Later, they would come and tell me that I was right, that they should have done it the way I said and ask me: what regrets do I have?  I would think and say something like:

I have regrets, bigger and smaller ones, but what I really fear are regrets that are caused after some physical distance that cannot be overcame so easily, I fear that I will get a feeling that I will regret not telling or doing something with some person before that person goes out of my life, permanently or for just a long time and I won't be able to correct my doings.

Unfortunately, I earned one big regret recently and, for now, I cannot make it right.
So, I will do like it is the last day of my life, like no mistake will count and I am free. One day, when I am old and weak, I just want to have things, places and people to remember.. I know I can do it, every morning, I say to myself:

It is easy not believe.. Believing is a real challenge.

And I will try to make that day the best day of my life so far!

Until next time, cheers!  (:

понедељак, 08. август 2016.

Paradise near by

It is easy to fall in love with a physical look.
But what happens when you fall in love with her eyes, the way she walks, the way she talks, the sound of her voice and the words that come out of that voice? What happens when you start to miss her the second she leaves?

The same goes for traveling. You can love the city because of the buildings, view, beach, streets.. But what happens when you visit the place with the right people? Would it be the same with other people? You can visit city that has  taller and more beautiful buildings, more things to offer, more pubs to go out.. But, those are physical looks of it, the essence of it is in the voices of the city, the looks of its eyes. That can only be seen with the right people. You will fall  asleep and miss all of it for the whole night, you will be waiting to get up just to continue with a party. The value and memories of that are not in pictures but in your heart - the feeling you get when you think about that place.

Unfortunately, the best summer of my life is over already as I have to work.. I won't forget it, never.

So.. How do you get back to a such a pace on your own?